GATHER TOGETHER – this online exhibition features photographers and filmmakers working in collaboration with Sammlung Walter and Studio CNP.

In a series of photos, collages, and films, it is a project that shows the interplay between photographers and a textile object by Merle Richter. The title refers to the variable outcomes when people come together and when they separate, and the ways in which connection and solitude elicit contrasting emotions and feelings.
In GATHER TOGETHER, Richter investigates the relationship between people and objects and their power to create connection or create distance. With this central question, she explores the contrasting nature of the human experience: the individual’s place in society. Solitude and belonging in direct confrontation and the reckoning that results. As a textile artist, Richter uses soft materials to put in context the human body and its relationship to space. Collaborating with other artists is an important part of her practice, and it allows Richter to react to new perspectives while provoking the audience to consider new points of view.
GATHER TOGETHER is the result of this collaborative process. A plush pillow, photographs, and films combine for a multi-sensory experience: digital and analog, private and public.
With artistic positions by Meike Männel, Lea Gugler, Marie Déhé, Barbara Proschak, Simon Schmidt and Luca Werner.

The artists’ works will be published on a delayed schedule.
The pillows are made in an edition of 30 pieces each.

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Meike Männel

Lea Gugler

Marie Déhé

Barbara Proschak

Simon Schmidt

Luca Werner